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Control Energy Bills and Save Your Money


Build More Secure Smart Home


Mark Your Life Easier and More Convenient


All-In-One System & One Application

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Dream Home is the simpler, smarter home. We bring hundreds of products from 37 trusted brands together in a single mobile app, so you can easily monitor, control, and automate your smart home, no matter where you are.

As little or as much as you want! There's no wrong way to use Dream Home- we encourage people to integrate their smart home within their daily lives based on what works for them.

  • Individual product control: Every product you connect with Dream Home shows up on the home screen of the app. From there, if you want to check the status of a product, simply select it, and adjust as needed. Perfect for those times when you're not sure if the door is unlocked or hallway light is left on!

  • Schedules: Want all your smart lights to turn on or off at specific times? You can create a Schedule within the app for individual products or groups of products and sync when they're on or off. The possibilities are endless - you can have your porch light turn on at sunset, or have all the house lights automatically turn off 30 minutes after you leave for work.

  • Shortcuts: Shortcuts let you control multiple products with one swipe in the Dream Home app. For example, a "Welcome Home" Shortcut could be created to turn on your hallway lights, unlock the front door, and adjust the thermostat all at once.

  • Robots: Robots let you program products to work together automatically based on triggers, such as location or activity. For example, you could create a "Safety" Robot that triggers your lights to turn on automatically if smoke is detected to help you wake up and exit your home quickly.

Dream Home's focus is on bringing together the best products from the most trusted brands to elevate what's possible with the smart home. If a product adds value to the Dream Home ecosystem and our users, we will absolutely look for ways to integrate it regardless of who the manufacturer is. We also designed our platform to be simple, flexible, and easy-to-use. By partnering with trusted brands, you can pick and choose from hundreds of products that make sense for your lifestyle. Want to make your entire home smart? Go for it! Just want to connect a lightbulb or two? That's also great. We want your Dream Home smart home to be perfectly synced with how you live your life.
Not at this time. We currently support apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, Android Mobile, and Android Wear. You can also control all of your smart products with Dream Home Relay or use your voice to control them with Amazon Echo.